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Language Arts/Reading:
Roy the Zebra
: Click on Interactive Reading Games for games that work best with your board
**Punctuation Paintball**: Aim and splat the parts of the sentence that are missing punctuation.
Homophone Quiz: Drag the homophone to the sentence where it belongs.
Construct-a-Word: Choose an ending sound and the beginning sound to find all of the words.
Suffixes: Match the suffix and the base word
Prefixes: match the word with the definition
Contraction Match: Match the contraction to the matching words
Madlibs Online: fun way to practice parts of speech

Social Studies:
States and Capitals Game: Click the matching state for each capital
States Game: Drag the states onto the map - harder than it looks

The Compound Machine Game: Learn how forces and simple machines can work together to create The Compound Machine!
Simple Machines: Lever - Pulley - Wedge - Screw - Inclined Plane - Wheel and Axle - Gear
Weather: Learn how to report and predict weather
Interactive Food Webs: Choose from 3 different habitats

Base 10 Block Game: So much fun!
Interactive Clock: Also found on your application launcher called "Time for Time". Have the kids use the green and red buttons to change the time, and then click "Show Digital" to check your answer on the correct time.
Kids and Cookies: Perfect interactive division activity to use as a follow-up to the book "The Doorbell Rang".
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Also on your application menu and great for the Polyvision Board.
Transformations on a Pegboard: use rubber bands to make shapes
Math Games at Math Playground: several different concepts to choose from
Math Manipulatives at Math Playground: including fractions, functions, percents, geoboard, pattern blocks, prime factorization, area, permeter, angles, spinners, probability, math bars
City Planner: Practice with equivalent fractions
Online Protractor
I Know That Games: If it asks you to register with a username and password when you click on a game, then just click "maybe later" to skip this section and go directly to the game.
Draggable Math: choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division
Temperature Game