What is Scholastic Keys?

According to Tom Snyder's website, "Scholastic Keys provides elementary students with a kid-friendly interface and educational enhancements for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint®. This software comes with a collection of lessons—including lesson plans, activity files, and worksheets — to help teachers integrate technology into their language arts, math, science, and social studies curriculum. Complete with drawing tools, hundreds of colorful graphics, sound effects, text-to-speech reader, and movies, this program provides an early introduction to using Microsoft Office now — and for years to come."


What Programs are Featured in Scholastic Keys?

  • Max Write: Primary version of Microsoft Word
  • Max Show: Primary version of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Max Count: Primary version of Microsoft Excel
  • Max Data: Primary version of Microsoft Access

Benefits and Features of Using Scholastic Keys:

  • Kid-friendly toolbars
  • New Features not found in the regular Microsoft Office
    • Max Paint
    • Max Recorder
  • Pre-designed document layouts
  • Text-to-Speech recorder
  • Kid friendly clip art
  • Pre-recorded sound files

Example of text-to-speech

Example of a writing prompt in Max Write using the Paint feature to create original clip art


Example of a kid friendly slideshow theme in Max Show



Print Materials: This link takes you to a page with a downloadable quick start guide, training guide, and information sheet.

Curriculum Integration: At the top of this page, search the database for different lesson plan ideas.