There are several programs available to you on your Application Menu that you can use with the Polyvision Board. There are several activities that you may not want to take time to do in the lab with your kids, but they are COMPLETELY appropriate to use WHOLE group in your class with the Polyvision Board. Here are some ideas using programs available to you:


Open Pixie. Click "New" and choose "Activity". You will find MANY activities already made for you to use with your class on the Polyvision Board. Here are just a few:


Microsoft Word
Using Microsoft Word, you can use the white background of the page as a blank canvas for using your Polyvision pen to write math problems or other notes. Also, you can type in some sentences and have the kids use the pen to highlight parts of speech. (see first picture below). Type in a student's paragraph and then use the pen to edit their work during reading group. (see picture 2) In math, you can write problems and have the kids highlight place value - find the tens place, etc (see picture 3).




Google Earth
Google Earth is worthy of its own training (ask me to come in!). Teaching geography or maps and globes can be much easier with Google Earth. Once you have a view of the earth on your Polyvision, change to PEN mode and have the kids label borders, countries, continents, oceans, lakes, states, and more! (see below)

Scholastic Keys - Max Count (Primary Version of Excel)
Similar to Pixie, Max Count has activities already made for you to use with your class whole group. Once you open the program, click the "1,2,3" button (activities button) to open a pre-made activity. You will find interactive graphing activities where you can add or subtract items and see the graph change accordingly (see picture 1) as well as interactive matching activities (see picture 2). These are perfect for using with the board.



Kidspiration is a concept diagraming program that lends itself to creating templates, organizers, and activities. When you first open the program, click on one of the subject area buttons (math, reading, social studies, and science) to view pre-made templates that correspond with these concepts. However, using the pictures within Kidspiration, you can create "counting change" activities very easily. I added several pictures of the same coin onto the page, and then stacked them on top of each other so that when students pull a coin from the stack, there are more underneath. I did the same thing for each of the major coins. Ask the kids to come up to the Polyvision board in pairs to collaboratively create an amount of money that you specify using the coins. (See below)