What is Pixie?

Pixie is a drawing and painting program that allows children to express their creativity and practice much needed educational concepts. If you go to File > Open Activity on the Pixie toolbar, you can access educational templates that are ready for your students. You can also create your own activities for students to complete within Pixie. To view a short video introduction of Pixie, click here.


TRADING POST. This Tech4Learning website is a place where educators can upload their Pixie templates, activities, and lesson plans. They are there for you to download and use with your class! Sign up for free.

Tech4Learning's homepage is a great resource for tutorials, tips, and support for any of their programs: Pixie, Web Blender, and Image Blender.

Recipes4Success is a great website that provides tutorials on this program and all Tech4Learning programs.

The attached Word document explains the basic toolbar from Pixie that might be helpful for your reference.

Examples from Pixie


Language Arts Ideas

Create an ABC book. Give each student a different letter to stamp out with stickers or draw with the tools.
Create a noun sort by person, place and thing.
Sort words by consonant sound or vowel sound
Complete a Making Words activity using the letter stickers.
Create writing prompts for kids: Seasons, My Favorite Animal, My Hero, etc.
Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagrams, Story Maps, KWL, etc.
Sort words by syllables
Type and illustrate a poem
Create trading cards of literary figures
Sort between real and fictional characters

Math Ideas

Import real pictures. Draw and label angles that you find.
Use the coins to show different ways to make the same amount of money.
Stamp out number sentences to illustrate them.
Symmetry with the mirror tool.
Expanded form

Science Ideas

Illustrate Life Cycles
Sort by Living and Non-Living
Illustrate the Water Cycle or the Rock Cycle
Illustrate weather for the week
Sort objects by sink or float
Label parts of an insect, parts of a flower, layers of the earth, planets in the solar system, layers of the rainforest, etc.
Food Chains and Food Webs
Food Pyraminds
Differences between whales and fish
Differences between the different types of rock
Create trading cards of different rocks, minerals, or elements

Social Studies Ideas

"If I were president" writing prompt
Label a map of the US by the intials of each state
Compare presidents or any 2 historical figures
Add a state stamp and fill it with stamps that represent resources available from that state
Color the regions of MD
Sort by community helpers
Sort by human, natural, and capital resources
Create trading cards of historical figures or current political figures
Create a postcard from a historical landmark or location

Art Ideas

Design a kite
Design a Christmas ornament
Paint a self-portrait
Label a color wheel
Create an original painting for MICCA's graphic arts contest