Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is free video-editing software included with Microsoft Windows XP. With Movie Maker, you can turn footage from your digital video camera into movies, share them on the Internet, and burn them to CD or DVD. Downloadable movies from online sources such as Discovery Streaming can also be edited using this software, just be sure you use a clip that has been flagged for "editing".


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Where can you go to download Movie Maker for your home computer?
(Remember, you need to have Windows XP or higher.) Follow the link below:

How can you use Movie Maker in your classroom? Here are some ideas:
  1. Interviews
  2. Commercials
  3. Debates
  4. News Shows
  5. Demonstrate science experiments
  6. Digital Storytelling
  7. Timelines
  8. Documentaries
  9. Showcase Student Work
  10. Book Talks
  11. Open House or Back to School Night presentations
  12. Photo essays
  13. "A Day in the Life of..."
  14. Video "Field Trip" Tour
  15. Editing United Streaming Videos

Think about it...How will you respond if questioned on your project ideas by parents or administration
? How can educators justify an educational activity like digital storytelling, which at first glance, seems an unlikely candidate for standards-based education? Ironically, the answer to this question can be found through a careful examination of a series of standards and position statements in the following article: TechLearning Article


Paper tutorials and Quick Guides for you to save, print out, or refer to:

Storyboard templates:

How do you assess a digital story or movie? Here are some ideas:

Assessment example

Assessment example (pick your project type for a full rubric)

Storytelling Rubric:

Here are some additional tutorials you can use to become more proficient with Movie Maker:

1. Microsoft's Movie Maker Page This page contains various tutorials for the program and an explanation of the software.
2. Mighty Coach Tutorial on Movie Maker
3. Atomic Learning Tutorial on Movie Maker

blueawardribbonsmall.gifCONTESTS for students:

Movie Maker Example:

Movie Maker Screencasts

See a visual step-by-step on how to do the following in Movie Maker:
  1. Import a Video Segment in One Piece (and not lots of little pieces!)
  2. Easiest way to introduce your students to video editing in Movie Maker. Start Small!

Classroom Ideas for Movie Maker and Your Flip Video Camera:

Edit Discovery Streaming videos to show only section you want to your class
Remix Discovery Streaming videos to put together important concepts
Have students research historical figures. Record their interviews
Create a public service announcement.
Create a commercial for a new product
Record a school tour or classroom tour for back to school night.
Record puppet shows, theater performances, debates, or speeches
Record science experiments
Record weather daily or shadows from the sun throughout the year
Go on a nature walk and record items from your "treasure hunt"
Record when a student has a success or a school project
Download editable videos to create your own movies in Movie Maker. Mute the narrator and record your own facts.