What is Image Blender?
ImageBlender is a powerful image editor that anyone can use. ImageBlender gives you the control you need to get your images looking just the way you imagine them. The unlimited possibilities in ImageBlender make it fun and easy to edit images and create new art. Improve your digital camera pictures, add layers for more control, turn pictures into text, and more.


Recipes for Success: Search for quick and easy tutorials on Pixie, Web Blender, and Image Blender.

Tech4Learning’s Homepage: Tech4Learning is the company that makes Image Blender. There are links for all of their helpful sites on the top navigation: Recipes4success, Creative Educator, Pics4learning, and Trading Post.

Trading Post: Teachers can exchange lesson ideas for all programs in Imagination Suite.

Video Introduction of Image Blender found here.

Example of Images Created in Image Blender:

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Another picture created in Image Blender: