Discovery Streaming

Engage students today with awe-inspiring video and other classroom resources. Customize and personalize lessons to different subjects, grades, and learning styles using an interactive World Atlas, compelling video clips, writing prompts, and more. Go now!

Be sure you have your username and password for Discovery Streaming. To get a username and password, you would need to use your school’s 8 digit access code to create an account. Once you create an account, you decide on your own username and password for the site.

Are you looking for videos to use with Movie Maker? Be sure that the full video or video segment is marked “Edit”. (See picture below.) This means Discovery Education has given you the rights to modify, change, and edit the video for classroom use only. These videos make for great resources for multi-media projects in your class.

In addition, there are several PDFs for your reference on how to use Discovery Streaming. All of these mini-tutorials were downloaded directly from Discovery Streaming in the “Professional Development Center”.

Classroom Ideas for Using Discovery Streaming

Show short videos for "Today in History"
Embed videos into PowerPoint for an interactive tutorial or game
Use the Writing Prompt Builder
Use the Quiz Builder
Use the Assignment Builder
Download editable videos to create your own movies in Movie Maker. Mute the narrator and record your own facts.
Use downloaded images for Photo Story slideshows. Record your own narration.
Download sounds and clipart to enhance multimedia projects
Use the Interactive Atlas to locate places in the world quickly.

Downloading Videos from Discovery Streaming onto Your Computer (Video Tutorial)

Downloading Pictures from Discovery Streaming onto Your Computer (Video Tutorial)