You can make a custom tour in Google Earth and save it to your computer. To do this, start by creating a new folder under "My Places".

  • Right-click "My Places" and choose "Add" and "New Folder".
  • Name your new folder and click "OK". Your folder will appear under "My Places."

    Now you need to add a series of placemarks in Google Earth. You can customize the placemark to have information that you want displayed. Here is how to start this process:

  • Fly to your first location. Zoom in until you have the landmark close. (See Below)

1. Click the placemark icon.
2. Name your placemark and add a description in the description box if you wish. Click "OK".
3. Move the yellow placemark icon over the landmark.

  • Now you will need to move the placemark from "fly to" window into the new folder you made under "my places". (See picture below)
  • Repeat this process for each placemark that you create. Drag each one into your folder.
  • If you want your placemarks in a different order, simply drag and drop them into the order that you want.
  • When you are finished with your tour and are ready to save it, right click the name of your folder, and choose "Save place as".
  • A "save as" window will open. Name your tour and navigate to the drive where you would like to save it. Click "save".
  • Your tour will save as a ".kmz" file. This will open in Google Earth to play your tour.
  • NOTE: If you click your .kmz file to open it and it does NOT work, try opening Google Earth FIRST, and then go to "File > Open" to navigate to your .kmz file. When you click it, it will open.
  • PS - try seaching Google for .kmz files. (Type in ".kmz" and click "search".) You can find Google Earth tours on the Internet to download and use.