eInstruction Chalkboard


What is a chalkboard?
Chalkboards are wireless, handheld tablets that lets you get out from behind your computer and interact with your students. Connect it to your computer and project it onto a screen. Then you can walk around the room with the chalkboard and still interact with your computer. The chalkboard can be used with Interwrite Workspace software to access several interactive learning activities, but it also works well with other porgrams such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and internet browsers. This tool allows you to teach from your computer and still move around the room, which is perfect for classroom management. Hand the chalkboard to students to allow them to interact as well!

Do you need help setting up your chalkboard for the first time?
Michael Hakkarinen, FCPS TRT, has created a great visual tutorial to setting up your chalkboard.

How do you use the chalkboard in the classroom?
  1. Use Interwrite Workspace software to create activities
  2. Access pre-made activities from within Interwrite software
  3. Search for lessons to download and use with your chalkboard on the Interwrite Software website
  4. Use the chalkboard with content related websites
  5. Interact with PowerPoint, Word, and Imagination Suite

Where can you go for resources?
  1. Interwrite Lessons
  2. Interwrite Training Videos
  3. Interwrite Help
    1. Includes: Getting Started, Annotation Tools, Editing Tools, Presentation tools, File Management Tools

Downloadable Resources:

This document labels the toolbars available in Interwrite workspace software.